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Boardwalk Fresh Burger’s

Boardwalk Fresh Burger’s


In the summer of 1980, brothers Dave and Fran DiFerdinando were strolling down the world famous Boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland. They, like many other vacationers, had vacationed there as children and would come every summer to enjoy the rides and the legendary fries. They had the idea to make those famous fries accessible to everyone around the country, not just those at the beach.
«Why would customers wait in line for just French fries», everyone asked? Because they are cooked multiple times in a special recipe, lightly salted, served piping hot, and made to order. The two brothers opened the first Boardwalk Fries in White Marsh Mall, White Marsh, Maryland, in 1981 and by 1987 they had franchises from coast to coast. As time passed, customers began asking for more. They wanted a burger to go with their famous Boardwalk Fries. It couldn’t just be any burger, it had to be consistent with their concept of a fresh product.
The only solution was a never frozen, hand formed burger that was prepared every morning and made to order. Boardwalk Fries Burgers Shakes was born!

Marca Boardwalk Fresh Burger’s
Sector   Fastcasual Premium Burger
País de Origen USA
Inicio de Operaciones 1981
Países que opera USA, Canada, Qatar, Pakistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia
# de Unidades 100
Tamaño Local ( en m2) 1500 -2000 Square Feet
Ubicación Recomendable Centro Comerciales
Duración Contrato 10 años
Canon de entrada (Unitaria) US$50,000 dollars
Canon de entrada (Master) US$ dollars ( Negociable dependiendo del mercado)
Inversión por infraestructura e implementación US$ 300,000 – 400,000 dollars
Royalty 6 % de los ingresos mensuales

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(51) 968680849

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Precio $ 50 000
Sin incluir IGV
Categoria Alimentación
País de Origen USA
Inicio de Operaciones 1981
Inversión US$ 30,000 - US$ 60,000
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